Bodhgaya, India:
quick portraits of the class
Varanasi, India:
​sketching at the ghats
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Prasat Preah Vihear, Cambodia:
​with the General's Daughter, her Russian husband, and their escorts
   Northern Cambodia:
 world-class a$$hole Pol Pot was cremated here
Isaan, Thailand:
painting Yu-Yi at her village home while the neighbors watch
Bodhgaya, India:
painting Sabanam​
Mahabodhi Temple, India: 
               painting Tashi​
Mae Salong, Thailand:
I met this hermit while waiting for the once-daily bus​
Ko Jum, Thailand:
celebrating the Chinese New Year at a new friend's house​
Prasat Preah Vihear:
​quick portrait of ​Special Forces commando
DOON SCHOOL-- Dehradun, India:
                  with the DOSCOS​​
In a verrry small village in rural Isan, Thailand, near the Mekong River and very close to the Friendship Bridge with Laos, I was staying at a friend's house for about 2-3 weeks. During that time, my friend's nephew just started a month-long break from school, so his mother arranged for him to spend that time at the local monastery, learning how to become a good Buddhist from the senior monks (it is customary of all young Thai boys to do this for a period of time in their life).

​On the day he was to be taken in, there was a whole ceremony to go through of presenting his robes, bringing him to the temple, then watching him get robed and blessed by the  monks. Because his uncles were away and his father was long  gone from the family, I represented the oldest male in the house at the time so therefore, the role of presenting his robes was given to me....

​I was very honored to be included in such an important family ritual far off in a tiny, unknown corner of the world....

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